It was Yves Saint Laurent who so famously quipped, "Fashions fade, style is eternal."

Here at The Style Doctor, we couldn't agree more. Today's 'fast fashion' has given rise to swiftly changing trends, with little consideration given to your personal qualities.

We believe style is all about embracing your body shape and colouring; finding clothes that fit you perfectly in the right fabrics, the right cuts and the right colours for you and the events you're dressing for.

Not content with just the traditional styling services, however, we wanted to give our followers the chance to scope out their fashion foibles online with our industry-leading Style Survey. The first of it's kind here in Australia, our Style Survey will decipher the ideal colours, shapes, and trends for your body shape and budget.

To ensure you get the most out of the Style Survey, we ask you to complete the questions honestly as you can - then sit back and relax as The Style Doctor gives you your style diagnosis.

Ready for your own personal Style Report?

The Style Report is an online women's style survey that costs $29.95AUD for an extensive style diagnosis.

You'll also receive an extra $29.95AUD one-off voucher code that can be redeemed on any of our style services.

(Don't worry fellas, we still cater to men through our personal shopping and other style services!)

Our Style Report is just the start: to fully see the benefits of our styling services, we encourage you to combine your Style Survey results with a session with one of our team. They will be able to combine your personal information with other important details like season, budget, and location.

* Please note, all information on this survey will be kept confidential and is for styling purposes only. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages for more info.

** Please note, the Style Survey does not cater to pregnant women as this is not your ‘normal’ shape. We will however have posts on our blog for maternity wear and tips on where to find great pieces.